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Why everyone should try boxing

Far from being the exclusive domain of the uber-fit, boxing is a great full-body workout that’s suitable for everyone. Reney Nazim, passionate boxing fan and group wellbeing manager at Aspria, explains

What’s so great about boxing as a workout?

Boxing is a fantastic all-round workout. It’s about cardiovascular endurance and improving your fitness. It’s about muscular endurance: that feeling when your body is telling you it can’t punch any more, but the will to win keeps you going. And it’s about strength, developing most of the muscle groups in the body – legs, chest, back, shoulders, arms and core – to ensure every contact you make, every punch you land, really counts.

And in fact, the benefits go beyond the physical and into the realm of mental and emotional health. We’ve all had one of those tough days when a workout has hugely boosted our mood – and of course, any workout helps. But for anyone who hasn’t tried it before, I believe there’s nothing to beat the feeling of going a few rounds on a bag. The sense of punching your troubles and your stresses away is amazing. We all need that release, and boxing provides it.

I also believe boxing boosts confidence. There’s a sense of empowerment and reassurance that comes from having some self-defence knowledge.

Is boxing OK for children too?

As I mentioned before, boxing boosts confidence, and with improved confidence comes an increased willingness to be outgoing – to socialise and interact with others.

Learning to box is about self-control, channelling anger in a combat situation, remaining calm and composed – a huge life lesson. It also teaches us to focus on quality, not quantity, which is applicable to many aspects of our day-to-day life and work. And it helps us appreciate the need to have a strong defence as well as a strong attack. I’ve done a lot of boxing and have found I now go into most situations with a range of different back-ups, different alternatives, ready in place – my defence.

So yes, for all these reasons boxing is great for children – but it’s equally valuable to adults for many of the same reasons.

So, boxing is totally safe for everyone?

As a workout, yes, provided you have the right technique.

I would strongly recommend seeking advice from a Wellbeing Advisor or Personal Trainer before hitting a bag: what may seem a simple punch can be dangerous to your joints – and specifically the wrists – if done incorrectly.

How can members enjoy boxing at Aspria?

We have a lot of options at Aspria, plus all the equipment you need. There are combat classes on all class timetables and our Personal Trainers can teach boxing.

Just ask our trainers next time you have a personalised wellbeing programme put together. I strongly recommend everyone give boxing a try!

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