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What is the #1 most important wellbeing trend for 2020?

#1- Applied data

Activity tracking has been with us for a while now – all those apps and wrist-top trackers that monitor our every step. So far, so familiar, right?

However, while these gadgets have collected reams of data, that data has rarely been translated into something we could really understand or use. Graphs might show us what workouts we’ve done, but what does that actually mean?

AspriaPro is a perfect example of the data-driven personalisation of wellness: a 360° lifestyle consultation, conducted and analysed by our experts, that uses a series of state-of-the-art tests to comprehensively map your current state of physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

This data is then translated into a biological age – one simple, easy to understand figure that sums up all the test results in one.


With AspriaPro, our signature wellbeing assessment, you can actually watch your age drop!

As we age, we need to work harder and smarter to maintain everything from body tone to consistently elevated energy levels. AspriaPro gives you the tools to achieve this: by conducting a number of innovative tests to determine your biological age versus your actual age, assessing your DNA right through to the way you live your life. It helps you choose what is best for you – and the most effective way to achieve it.

The AspriaPro programme is designed to help you turn back the years, and with regular assessments you can clearly see the impact your AspriaPro programme is having on reducing your biological age.


AspriaPro is a programme that uses medical readings to help members define their own wellbeing goals, whether to increase energy levels, improve skin clarity or reduce stress levels.

During your initial consultation, we measure the following specific objective health markers:

  • Cardiovascular risk factors - glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Nutrition and anti-oxidant level testing
  • Stress resilience and heart rate variability
  • Posture alignment, functional positioning and core stability
  • Movement and fitness
  • Body composition
  • Lifestyle analysis, support and guidance

We can then tell you your biological age – because your body can actually be older or younger than your actual age… and you can make it younger by making the right wellbeing choices!



By looking at your wellbeing from every angle, we can tailor a bespoke plan that advises what you should work on and how best to do it.

It's this holistic approach that enables AspriaPro to improve every aspect of your health and fitness – from nutrition and exercise to relaxation and sleep patterns – and achieve the best you can be.

As you continue on the plan, our health and wellbeing professionals support you and monitor your progress so you reach your optimum wellness – and ultimately reduce your biological age. It’s a powerful tool that produces a range of performance, appearance and health improvements, from seeing quicker results from training to dealing better with stress and seeing a more positive outlook towards the world.

If you join us this month, you can enjoy a 90-day guarantee. It is our way to assure you that you will start seeing results within your first 3 months at Aspria. 

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